An Easter Hunting Holiday


They guys went turkey hunting four days in April ó Tuesday afternoon, April 15th, to Saturday morning, April 19th ó and while they were gone, the rest of us had fun too.

Love you.

The Norgaards arrived at our place Tuesday afternoon.† Itís a 10-hour drive from Tioga, ND, but they spent an overnight part way.† The three guys took off for property near Rochester, MN, that same day.† From left to right, thatís our son-in-law Christopher, Allan, and our son Nick.

Wednesday evening, I took Jenny and the kids to the Chanhassen Dinner to see ďThe Little Mermaid.Ē

We arrived early so I showed Jenny and Addie and Gunnar different areas and theaters in the place.

One of the theaters is downstairs through a brick tunnel.† Allan and I have attended plays there.

Grandma Sue canít believe how big Addie and Gunnar are getting.† In no time theyíll be taller than me.

Gunnar, Jenny, and I chose the steak dinner option.† Addie chose a pasta dish.† It was all excellent.

Cameras were not allowed during the production, but I can tell you we thought the musical was outstanding.

One day we went to the Mall of America.† Jenny and Addie waited in a long line to ride on the Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster.† Can you spot them?† Theyíve now made it to the front of the line.

Gunnar and I didnít want anything to do with this Rock Bottom Plunge.† The four of us had just got off the Orange Streak Rollercoaster, which was bad enough!† We knew when to quit.

Gunnar and I stood on the ground level outside and looked up at them swirling around.

Jenny and Addie are upside down in this car.† Rather than have us stand on our head to pick them out, Iíll turn the picture upside down and zoom in a bit for you.

There they are.† Zoom in a little more.† Addie and Jenny are in the front seats, the two on the far right.

Addie and Gunnar went on the Log Chute, once called The Flume.† Thereís lots of water above and below.

Kids donít care if they get wet in the middle of the Mall.† I know about it because Iíve been on the ride.

We ate at an Oriental Food place and loved the eggrolls.† After some shopping, we said goodbye to the Mall of America till next time.† Later that day we went to see ďHeaven is for RealĒ at Eden Prairie Center.† All of us, even Addie and Gunnar, had read the book.† The movie is fine.† The book is better.

The men are upstairs sleeping yet, having just arrived home yesterday, on Holy Saturday.† We all went to church Easter Sunday morning at St. Victoria, after Addie and Gunnar hunted for Easter eggs.† Yes, the Easter Bunny found Grandma Sueís house.

After my Easter dinner, Gunnar performed his magic tricks for the guys.† Gunnar can make coins disappear.

He can tie a knot with one hand.

And he can tie that knot very very fast!

Gunnar can put a pencil up his nose and pull it out his ear.

Oh, yes.† Easter Sunday was Grandpa Alís birthday.

Uncle Nick showed Gunnar a brand new card trick.† Nickís Jen and their Sophie and Mia had gone to Sioux City, Iowa, with Jenís mother to visit Jenís brother and family during the hunting trip.

Gunnar shows his dad a new card trick that Nick taught him.

Gunnar shows his mom the same card trick.

Grandma Sue knew the trick.† Itís hard to pull much over on Grandma Sue:)


Easter Sunday was a beautiful spring day.

Even my kids canít stay away from those darn smart phones.

What are you looking at, Nick?

Nick was showing us pictures of his kids.

Let me see them again, Nick.

Sophie loves to dance.

Sophie loves to jump.

Mia and Nick share the couch.

Sophie and Mia share a bed.

Jen and Mia share a different bed.

Gunnar and Addie got me and Jenny to ride to the Dairy Queen with them ó but it was closed.

Just hanging out together, getting ready to say goodbye to Nick.

Jenny had some Easter presents for Nick and his family before he drove off.

Thank you all for coming.† I love having you at home with us.

Allan lit our first spring fire at the pit that night.† It was just too nice to be indoors.† If you look very carefully, you can see the gifts that Jenny brought for us.† Theyíre heavy duty steel poles with a perfect curl at the top that holds a wine glass.† You poke them into the ground by your chair and your hands stay perfectly free to hold a hotdog or roasted marshmallow.† Thank you, Jenny.

Then it was time to put the fire out and go inside.

It wasnít time for bed until we played a few games of Spoons.

The next morning, the Norgaards packed up once more and took off for Tioga.† I love having my kids home.