Alone to Tioga

I rode the train to Tioga alone since it was time for hunters to be hunting, and ours were doing just that.  Jenny and the kids picked me up at the Stanley Station on Thursday morning, October 22nd. 

Part of Jenny’s breakfast included a tray of fresh fruit and dip.  Mmmmm.  Hi, Addie.  Hi, Gunnar.

One day we went to Lund’s Landing for lunch.  It’s about 15 miles away on Lake Sakakawea.

This is it, Lund’s Landing Lodge.  Jenny said when it’s summer time, people eat outside on the deck.

There’s lots of hunting and fishing nearby, thus the décor.  We also passed a golf course out there.

We all ordered hamburgers and then took some pictures.

The kids are getting so big.

They shared a big piece of homemade blueberry pie and ice cream and they ate the whole thing.  Gunnar didn’t need any help to dig in.

Grandma Sue always likes to feed the kids.

Then we walked down to the Marina.  Of course all the boats were already off the lake for winter.

This could be the longest irrigation rig in the world.

There was still time to get the hay bales off the field.

Oil pumps were pumping.  The green and yellow ones belong to Hess, a company with headquarters at Tioga.

North Dakota ranks 4th in crude oil production in the U.S., after Texas, Alaska, and California.

Addie did some drawings for her little corner of the Victoria Gazette.  I think she’s drawing a manger for the Christmas issue.

Hi, Sweetie Pie.

On the way to the train station Saturday night, Gunnar fell sound asleep.

We were about five minutes early for the train and we waited in Jenny’s warm van.

Addie can take pictures, too.  Thank you, Jenny and kids, for a wonderful time at your wonderful home.