Al Lehner is 60!

Louise Lehner threw a surprise birthday party for husband Alphonse on Sunday, July 15th, 2001, out at their new home on a river in the countryside near Hutchinson, MN.  The occasion was marked with live music, live Lehners, and other live friends and family.  Al and Louise moved to Victoria in 1985 and left us in very recent times to live a dream, the dream of a hunter and fisherman.  One of his hunting buddies, my husband Allan, took a few photos with my digital camera.  They're pretty good, as they present a flavor of part of the party and some of the guests.  Enjoy!

Happy 60th, Alphonse.

The birthday boy with his Lovely Louise, and some of their grandchildren -- Emily, Torie, Matthew, and Katybug.

Oh, oh!  Look what Grandpa and Grandma are doing.

An honored guest was Angie, identical triplet sister of Louise's mother Adella who could not be present because of illness but it seemed as though she were here in more than spirit.

Another special guest, direct from the mission field in Japan, was Father Bill Skudlarek (in the center, blue shirt).  Father Bill is a brother of Louise.  Also pictured here is one of their sisters, Mary (white shirt), with husband Les and their son Lucas and his girlfriend Jennifer.

Hi, Louise and sister Mary, also known as Mimi.

Hi, Gina Holman, daughter of Al and Louise.  Hi, little Torie, daughter of Gina, who normally has beautiful big wide open eyes like her mother.

Hello, Mary Somners (left), daughter of Al and Louise, and brand new baby Sophia Grace, who happens to be the #4 child of Mary and husband Greg.

A prize (elk antlers) of Hunter Alphonse adorns the fireplace in the dream home.

The editor with chocolate cake and Terry Hertensteiner of Victoria.

Alphonse, looking slim and trim, says he lost ten pounds when he moved away from Victoria and the Victoria House. 

(L-r):  The young man with the cane is the little brother of Angie (with the other cane) and triplet sister Adella, which means he's an uncle of Louise.  That's Cousin Catherine with her pot of famous and delicious chicken and dumplings.

The talented musicians belong to a band from Hutchinson.  They were great and gracious.

Nobody enjoyed the dance music more than Ross Hertensteiner, son of Terry and John.

The birthday boy poses with a couple of his presents.  That's a glossy 8 x 10 of President Ronald Reagan in his hands and camouflage flappers on his head.  Are you missing teeth, Alphonse?

The End

Love, Sue


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