Advent Among Us

Each year at this time, the Advent Dinner at St. Victoria Catholic Church helps to usher in the season.  The occasion is marked by good food, good music, and program entertainment and enrichment.

Caterers from Island View Dining included (l-r) Ella Dahlin, Terrin Boozikee, Mitch Zebel, Nick Heenie, and Nick’s dad Kevin Heenie, owner.

Manning the bar that evening (l-r):  George Hidding, Diane Robinson, Chuck Freiberg, Chuck Schmidt.

This year Tom and Nancy Vogt chaired the event and served as Masters of Ceremony on Tuesday evening, November 27th.

Hi, Cathi and Mayor-elect Tom O’Connor.

Hi, Senator Julianne Ortman and husband Deacon Ray Ortman.

Hi, Cowboy Tom Stumpf and Patti Bartusek.

Hi, Jerry and Gerda Schmieg.

Hi, Joni and Mike Jeurissen.

Hi, Karen and Mike Maney.

Hi, Julianne Wartman, Jane Michel, and Beatrice Mechtel.

The St. Victoria Bell Choir topped off their performance with the enchanting “Carol of the Bells,” and then, after dinner, Paul Koleski played his acoustical guitar, singing original scores and closing the evening with a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night.”

The End