Addie is Twelve!

Love you.

We had another day to go before Addie’s birthday and opening presents, and there’s always something to do on the Norgaard farm — like feeding the chickens and picking the eggs.

Chris and Allan cleaned all the fish and got them ready for the smoker. 

They put half the fish in the freezer and smoked the other half.  Everybody liked it, especially Gunnar.

Jenny says Good Morning to her Big Puppy.

Ready for school Tuesday morning.  Monday was MLK Day so no school, and part of our planning!

The chickens know Jenny and follow her everywhere.  Of course, she’s also got the food.

Watching to see the lights of the school bus.

Jenny made a delicious birthday dinner for us — chicken breasts drizzled with butter, sprinkled with Italian seasoning, surrounded by their garden potatoes and carrots, and baked until done.  Mmmmm.

Finally, time for presents!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie.

The kids always get their homework done.  They are the best students.

Mama Jenny hugs the kids goodbye the next morning and so do we … until we see them again … hopefully for my dad’s 90th birthday party in Ghent, Minnesota, this coming March, 2015.

I’m always amazed, and happy, that the school bus pulls right onto their yard, especially in the winter.

Thank you, Jenny and Chris, for a wonderful winter wonderland time with you and the kids.