Addie is Three

Mama Jenny made Addie Sue a birthday cake and a piece was missing right away.

Addie squealed when she opened some of her birthday presents, including this one from Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Joe.  The dolly traveled all the way from Texas.

So many presents for such a little girl.  Oops, such a BIG girl.

Great Grandma Betty saw this dress in Progresso, Mexico, and knew it was meant for a little three-year old senorita.

Or should we say "princess."  Look what Mama Jenny painted downstairs at their home -- a castle and a dragon and a knight.  It's quite a play area.

Gunnar helped his mommy and sister with the painting.  Yes, he is one year old.

And now, back to the birthday party for the three-year old and her mama and daddy.

Great Grandma Julie and Grandma Jean and Grandpa Vance were at the birthday party.

"Thank you, Daddy, for lighting my candles."

"How long do I have to wait to make a wish and blow them out?"

Lots of other grandmas and grandpas came to Addie's party

and also Uncle Nick.

Grandma Sue likes to feed Gunnar.

Addie also squealed when she got this doll from Uncle Nick.

Hi, Grandpa Al.

Hi, Grandma Linda.

Hi also to Grandpa Keith, Great Grandma Phyllis, and Great Aunt Ruth.

Somebody's missing.

Hi, Jenny.  Thank you for the fine brunch.  Your crepes were absolutely delicious!

Love, Mama Sue

The End