Addie in Iris Time

When Grandma Sue drives up to the Norgaard residence near Northfield -- about a one-hour drive from Victoria -- she is greeted by two beautiful young ladies with engaging smiles.

In case you're new to the screen, the lady in the red hat is Jenny Lee and the lady in the pink hat is Addie Sue.

Jenny's beautiful irises came from the garden of her Grandma Vera Orsen, who raised blue ribbon specimens on the Orsen farm near Minneota, Minnesota.

Says Jenny, "I often feel like I'm living the life of Grandma Orsen."  Vera also was a city girl who moved to the farm after marriage and developed a green thumb.

Addie Sue poses by some of her mama's geraniums and petunias.

This south side of the house is very sunny.

There's a lot of mowing for Christopher on their large farm site.

Chris dug a sandbox and hauled in sand for his favorite girls.

Chris mail-ordered ducks, but now they're much too big for that little box they arrived in.

Addie loves her "Flintstone Car."

And she loves her daddy, too.

"Look, Grandma.  This one goes all by itself!"

"Thank you, Grandpa Al, for the rocker chair.  It's just the right size."

"Thank you, Grandma, for lunch.  I love McDonald's just like you do.  Come see me again."

The End

Love, Grandma Sue