A Wartman Wedding

Mike Wartman has been writing a column for the Victoria Gazette  (with the byline “Former Resident of Victoria”) almost as long as I’ve known his mother Julianne, and his late father Euch.

Mike’s firstborn, daughter Jesse, was married on Saturday, June 18th, at the Wilds in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

After the wedding ceremony — which had to be held inside because of the rain — the photographers gathered family members outdoors for several photos when the rain stopped for a while.

I snapped these photos from inside, through a window!  This appears to be a family gathering that includes Mike and Jodene, their daughter Jesse and husband Jason Anschutz, their son Ben (tall with the blue vest), other parents and grandparents.

The rain stayed at bay so the cameras kept clicking.

These Wartman siblings are aunts and uncle of Mike Wartman. 

That’s Mary Moore in the yellow, Phabe in the blue,

and Sister Eleanor in the black and white.

The girl in the dress is Rita Wartman, wife of Phabe.

Jean Moore, on the left, is married to Bruce Moore, son of Mary Moore.

The other two are Mary’s daughters Jill Kunze, center, and Judy Forcier.

 Tim Forcer, Judy’s husband, visits with Phabe.

When I saw this crazy pose of the seven siblings outside a different window near the dining room, I ran out to suggest another stance.

Much better!  From left to right:  Chuck, Carol, Mike, Ann, Mother Julianne, Julie, Pat, Jane.

At every Wartman wedding and funeral for at least 100 years, the family takes center stage

and sings a song called “Go, Victoria!  Go, Victoria!  Go!  Go!  Go!”

As Mike wrote in his July 2011 column in the Victoria Gazette, “A fun time was had by all, and I did my part as Father of the Bride by shutting up, showing up, and paying up.” 

Love, Sue