A Tea Party for Maureen Bonner

Love, Sue

Pastors Maureen and Bill Bonner are leaving Victoria this spring or summer and moving to Florida.  They founded Waterbrooke Fellowship in Victoria.  First services were held in the old Victoria City Hall on Rose Street.  New church construction on Lake Wasserman and Church Lake Boulevard was completed  in August 2006.

Ladies of Waterbrooke Fellowship held a Grand Tea Party for Maureen on Saturday, March 14th.  Each of the tables was decorated to the nine’s by a different church lady.  Food  was delicious and delightful.

All the ladies wore Easter Bonnets.  That’s Dianna Duncan with Pastor Maureen.

Left to right, Heidi Tereau and daughter Faith in front, Bev Foss, and Linda Frolund.

Lisa Washington blends in with the fresh flowers.

Deb Foss, Becky Crown, and Joyce Casey.

Shasta Johnson, Dianna Duncan, and Sandy Esters.

Karen Smith getting fitted by Linda Frolund and Heidi Bracken.

There were several busy cameras at the Tea Party.

Joyce and Paul Casey, Director of Music and Worship at Waterbrooke Fellowship.

Maureen with Hungarian daughter Ancsa on the left and … oops, I didn’t get the other person’s name.

Ellie Keppel, Desia Walking Eagle, and Desiree Wolpern.

The tall person spoke with an English accent, much like the Queen of England.

Young musicians in the church entertained at the Tea Party.

An accomplished violinist and violin teacher, Ancsa played “The Prayer” for her mother.

What was Maureen thinking about?  “I was thinking how beautiful her violin playing is.  I was also remembering the days I prayed so fervently for a visa for her to come to America.  It took blood, sweat, and tears to get her here,” replied Maureen.