A Singing Party

The Pat and Michelle home in Chanhassen was the scene of a Singing Party on Saturday night, May 30th.† Many of the friends were members of the St. Victoria Adult Choir.†

Others were Chan neighbors or neighbors down the road a piece.† Thatís Lisa and Patrick Payne and their daughter Meghan in the foreground.

Jamie Moore accommodated singers with his karaoke equipment.† Thatís Bert Tellers at the mic.

Kierra McNallan set up a lemonade stand for the guests.† Little Calvin Nowak assisted.

Jamie is our former choir director.† Elizabeth Nowak is our new choir director.

Mother Michelle and Daughter Kierra performed an amazing piece together.

Tom Stumpf and Bert Tellers led the girls in song.

Pat McNallan had body language to go with the music.

The voices of Jamie and Sherry Ekstrom meld well together.

Calvin helped his dad Justin with a song.

The McNallanas (Michelle and Pat) and the Tellers (Lucy and Bert).

Daryl Ekstrom joined the Nowaks, Justin and Elizabeth.

Bert showed his teeth.† Gary Foehringer didnít.

When Cowboy Tom is not at the mic, heís with Patti.

So did Tom and Bert and their backup singers.