A March Montage

On March 21st, our wedding anniversary, Allan brought home 35 red roses for the number of years we've been married, two yellow roses for our two children, and two white roses for our two grandchildren.

On March 23rd a small group of choir friends gathered at my house for the birthday of Mary Moore, center back between Tom and Pat.

One Saturday the three Norwegian-blooded men in the family attended Torske-Klubben at the famous Interlachen Club.  The white dinner included white tablecloths, white napkins, white candles, white plates, white potato, white fish, and a sip of clear aquavit.  Oofda!  Allan, center, is a member of Torske-Klubben.  Our son Nick, right, and son in law, Chris, left were invited guests.

Double strollers ride elevators at Mall of America.  Hi, dear daughter and grandchildren.

Addie likes to play hide and seek so we really have to keep an eye of her whereabouts.

Little Gunnar hanging out with lovely mother Jenny in a game store.

Springtime means new boots for walking in big and little puddles.

Throwing pennies in the fountain is becoming rather boring for Miss Adeline.  Hi, Grandpa Al.

It's more fun to play with battery-operated toys.

We can never leave the Mall without a spin on the Up-Down.

The End

Love, Sue

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