A Family Potpourri

It was fun for me to receive and now review some of the pictures that were emailed to me in  July.

Jenny and Addie are sporting new t-shirts, designed by Jenny, that they’ll be wearing at Jenny’s Red Moose Coffee Hus in downtown Tioga, North Dakota.  Goliath and Lucy got in the picture, too, as you can see.

Gunnar caught fish on Lake Sakakawea while sister Addie and Aunt-in-law Lindsay Norgaard caught sun.

Goliath thinks he’s still a lap dog.

I think Gunnar probably put this fish back into the lake.

Addie is one of Jenny’s helpers at the Red Moose Coffee Hus.  That old bank building is sure getting a workout.

People of all ages like to visit the coffee shop, including friends of Jenny, Chris, Addie, and Gunnar.

This is a panorama of the coffee shop as seen from the big front-street window, near the front door.

Jenny takes a break to play checkers with some little friends.

Doug Burgum, the Governor of North Dakota, himself an entrepreneur, stopped in to see the new business in Tioga.

Governor Burgum posed with Jenny and a couple of girls who were working that day.  Love those t-shirts!

Jenny often sees a rainbow in the sky over their place, which is a lovely country acreage.

Jenny caught Gunnar up in the air during one of his basketball games.

Nick emailed me a video of Sophie with her new keyboard, playing a piece that I recognized from a John Thompson book.

The video itself is very clear and I love it, but I couldn’t get clear screenshots from it.

We get home to see Mom and Dad pretty often and we talk on the phone too.  A couple weeks ago my brother Louie stopped in to visit Mom and Dad at the same time that we were talking and he took a picture with his phone and sent it to me at that very moment.  Made me feel like I was right there with them.  Dad was finishing his coffee and Mom was either flossing or eating something.  They're usually on speaker phone, but both Mom and Dad take turns holding the phone and being "in charge" of the conversation.  They're pictured here at their new place in Marshall, at Boulder Estates where they moved this spring after 70 years on the farm near Ghent.  Yes, and 70 years of marriage.