A Dalmation Day

The Victoria Fire Department treated its guests royally at the Open House on Saturday, October 4th, 2008, with free toys and gifts and a tasty free lunch of hotdogs and sloppy joes.  Highlight of the afternoon was a controlled fire demonstrating the difference between two rooms, one with an overhead sprinkler system and the other with no sprinkler system.  The nonsprinkled room was fast into flame.

“It seemed like the thing to do,” said Jeff Smith of Victoria about bringing his Dalmatian to the Victoria Fire Department Open House.

Jerry Hilgers, retired longtime member of the Victoria Fire Department, holds his newest grandchild.

Victoria residents  Marge Robling and Viola Jeurissen enjoyed doing the town together.

Bailey Forcier, daughter of Tim and Judy Forcier of Victoria, went home with a new hula hoop.

The staged room without a sprinkling system went up into flames, while the room with the sprinkler system mainly suffered smoke and water damage, giving potential occupants a chance to escape.

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