The Tioga Kids arrived in Victoria on Thursday, July 28th, after spending a week in northern Minnesota.† The next morning, before the heat struck with intensity, we packed a couple coolers and went out on the boat.† Nick took the day off work in order to come over with his kids and spend the day with us.† We had a bunch on the boat on Lake Minnetonka.

We anchored at Big Island and the kids hopped in immediately.† Hi, Jenny, Addie, Sophie, and Gunnar.

The little cousins played with each other and with Grandmaís colorful noodles.

The men also got in the water and sampled some of the Orsenís homemade brew.

Gunnar tried to feed popcorn to the seagulls but they werenít very interested today.† It was probably a little early in the day for popcorn.

Sophie tried out the tiny pool that Grandma Sue brought along in case Mia wanted to get wet onboard.

Nick retrieved some of the noodles that got away from the kids.

Hi, Gunny Honey.

Hi, Jenny Penny.

Grandma Sue was happy to spend most of her time on the boat with Mia Marie.

Sophie and Auntie Jenny get to know each other better.

The curly heads nuzzle noses.

Mia went very easily to Uncle Christopher.

Checking out each otherís sunglasses.

Grandma Sue and Addie Sue.

Hi, Sweet Pea.

Captain Al always lets an interested party help steer the boat.

Mr. and Mrs. Norgaard.

Nick is a good daddy.†

That house in the background means weíre in the channel of the marina where we keep the boat.

We were on the lake maybe three to four hours.† Mia never slept a wink, but her big sister Sophie finally had to give in.

Love, Grandma Sue